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Wamp trouble [1 of 2 services running]

I just bought a new laptop and started installing my usual Windows dev stack. I still use Wamp, as it turns out to be most efficient for me. I can easily create a new development domain, change PHP versions as I go, and MySQL is running just fine. There is just one thing that is boring, and that is installing all the Visual Studio components that are needed.

Anyway, I have finished all that, started Wamp, but the orange icon appears and 1 of 2 services running. As a looong time Windows user restarted my computer, but still the same. Apache won’t start. Google around, and found lots of stuff, and just as I was going to go over to XAMPP or something similar, I stumbled upon this article https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39309864/wamp-server-local-server-1-of-2-services-running.

It seams that you have to click on the Wamp icon, go to Apache sub-menu, then Service Administration ‘wampapache64’ and click Install Service. Restart all services, and finally – we have green… 😀

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