Backpack for Laravel page_or_link field

I have started using the Backpack for Laravel recently. It is an excellent CRUD generator, does not get in your way, and with the latest repeatable field is a great candidate for my “go-to” backend manager.

I was making a menu for a new website, and tried “page_or_link” field, copy/pasted the syntax from the documentation, but it would not update the page_id or link fields. Googled around, it seems that no one has had this problem (???).

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Wamp services

Wamp trouble [1 of 2 services running]

I just bought a new laptop and started installing my usual Windows dev stack. I still use Wamp, as it turns out to be most efficient for me. I can easily create a new development domain, change PHP versions as I go, and MySQL is running just fine. There is just one thing that is boring, and that is installing all the Visual Studio components that are needed.

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Loading CSV to MySQL table – fast…

My pet project is on its way – a subtitles website done in Laravel. So, I needed some data about the movies and found out that IMDB offers a daily dump of their database. Parts of it, surely… Anyway, it is enough for me, faster than an API, better than scraping.

So, I have made a simple script to download the files using file_get_contents, and ungz-ed (I think that is how you say it 🙂 ) the file with a script I found here:

I knew that importing trough Laravel’s method create would be slow… Way too slow for the amount of the data IMDB has to offer (). The first alternative was to open the file in PHP, and a “foreach” loop, but why not skip PHP as much as I can?

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